"Automated Parking Systems (APS) from Skyline Parking"

More parking in less space...anywhere

Automated Parking Systems

Automated Parking Systems (APS) can more than double the number of parking spaces of conventional parking. The design flexibility of APS allows them to fit in locations or areas where other parking solutions are too large or unfeasible.

APS Benefits

APS redefine the conventional wisdom about car parking – they are inherently much smaller, safer, more secure and more sustainable than conventional parking solutions…benefits to satisfy developers, planners, designers, operators and users.

Benefits of the APS (Automated Parking System) by Skyline Parking

How APS Work

Automated Parking is best described as mechanical valet parking where the driver exits the car and it is parked automatically without the need to drive to a parking space or use a valet. The technology is simple, proven and reliable.

How APS Work