More parking in less space …. anywhere

Skyline Automated Parking Systems have been in successful operation for more than 10 years, are built on unique patented technologies and are a combination of world-class engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Added value  Conventional car parks and parking garages tend to be very large and space-inefficient. Moreover, they also waste energy and increase CO2 pollution. Skyline Automated Parking Systems offer double the parking density, half the build-time, reduced development costs, and a reduction in CO2 levels of up to 85%.

Challenge convention

Automated Parking Systems are in many cases more cost-effective to install and maintain when compared to conventional parking systems. As cities become more crowded and space is limited, sustainable planning and development becomes increasingly more important. Automated parking is the obvious answer for sustainable car parking and challenging tradition in modern urban communities where the demand for car parking is ever increasing.

How does an Automated Parking System (APS) work?

Automated parking is best described as mechanical or robotic valet parking. It works the same as automated storage and retrieval systems common in factories and warehouses…except it's designed for cars. 

What are the benefits of Skyline Automated Parking Systems (APS)?

APS redefine the conventional wisdom about car parking facilities — they are inherently much smaller, safer, more secure and more sustainable than conventional parking solutions.

How reliable is your technology?

We use extremely reliable market-proven conveyor belt technology to move vehicles to the parking spaces, using the same principles seen in day-to-day life in areas such as airport baggage and supermarket conveyor belts.

Why Skyline?

Skyline Automated Parking Systems have been in use in Europe for more than 10 years.

Latest projects

  • "By building the car tower, we’ve managed to optimise our business processes and its unique architecture makes a lasting impression on interested parties and clients."

    Remo Baleri, Managing Director, AZW Zuric
  • "The Skyline installation runs trouble-free and generates lower operating costs compared to conventional parking…"

    Lorenz Leuzinger, CEO, Real Estate Schaffhausen Switzerland
  • "There is a great possibility that in the next 50 years the way we use and store cars will have completely changed – we are already working on offering promising solutions for the inevitable future of car storage and parking."

    Kurt von Däniken, Project Manager, Fehr Lagerlogistik AG

More information about Automated Parking Systems

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