Car Dealerships Increase Inventory & Security

APS offer more parking spaces where land is limited and protect cars against the weather and vandals.

Automated Parking Systems (APS) offer innovative ways to address design challenges in car dealership parking lots, including:

  • Increasing inventory when the dealership parking lot can't be expanded
  • Displaying cars in a dramatic, eye-catching fashion
  • Protecting cars against the weather and vandalism
  • Offering a unique selling experience

Dealership Parking Lot Design

Growing car sales usually require a higher inventory and parking for the dealership. When land is unavailable, options for dealership parking become very limited. Moving a car dealership is expensive and can confuse customers. Automated Parking Systems (APS) can add more than 234 spaces for car dealership parking in a tower with a diameter of just 23 meters (75 feet).

Attention-Grabbing Display

Automated Parking Systems are a much more dramatic way to display cars compared to the dealership parking lot. An APS with see-through exterior siding makes cars parked inside visible and closer to passers-by. Accent lighting used at night makes it almost impossible not to notice the cars on display.

Protecting Dealership Inventory

Protecting cars is another challenge. Car dealership parking lots are prime targets for thieves and vandals. Severe weather can also damage a large number of cars in just a matter of minutes. Automated Parking Systems protect the cars inside where weather and thieves can't get at them. An APS is the ideal way to store luxury cars safely and securely while keeping them ready for their owners at just a moment's notice.

Hi-Tech Showroom

Imagine how different two car-buying experiences could be. The usual experience is for a customer to wander through the dealership parking lot in search of the right car – when the weather cooperates that is. The APS experience allows the customer to define the type, model, colour, etc. of the car and it’s delivered automatically to the comfort of the showroom. The integration of sales offices, service bays, waiting areas etc. into the APS increases the uniqueness of the experience for customers.

Automated Parking Blog

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