Advanced Hospital Parking Solutions

Hospital parking constraints can negatively affect patient care, productivity, costs and much more. Automated Parking Systems help to minimize these challenges.

Hospital Parking History

Built in lightly-developed areas decades earlier, many hospitals now find themselves tightly surrounded by densely-populated urban areas. The communities they serve have often more than tripled in population and any available land must be used to expand medical facilities. However, the demand for hospital parking grows as the population and hospital staff increases.  

Conventional multi-story parking garages and parking lots require a lot of land but waste much of it as well. APS, on the other hand, can park more than twice the number of cars in the same area as a typical parking garage and park more than nine times as many cars as a typical parking lot.

Real Hospital Parking Problems

The trade-off between using land for healthcare facilities and car parking is a difficult one. Hospital parking affects profitability, staff, patients and visitors. A lack of readily available hospital parking leads to problems for the hospital and its patients. These problems include missed appointments, delays in giving and getting care, lost time, extra work and travel, reduced productivity, etc. Moreover, forcing visitors and staff to park off-site creates another set of problems:

  • Shuttle buses have to run to-and-from remote parking sites 24/7 365 days a year
  • Visitors have to find on-street or public parking facilities •    This may require long walks through unfamiliar neighborhoods (even at night)
  • Nearby residents become unhappy about staff and visitors parking on streets
  • It’s more difficult for patients to visit if they have a disability
  • Visitor and staff safety may be compromised

APS for Hospital Parking

Skyline Automated Parking Systems provide more parking in less space. They offer inherently superior personal safety and car security compared to conventional solutions such as parking garages, parking lots, on-street and remote parking. They also make it as easy and convenient as possible for people with a disability to park.

Automated Parking Blog

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