How an APS Works

Regardless of whether it’s referred to as a robotic or mechanical parking valet, an Automated Parking System transports cars to and from parking spaces like a valet, but without human help. Eliminating drivers and passengers from the parking process has numerous significant advantages over conventional car parks or multi-story parking garages.

Parking in a Robotic Parking System

Parking a car in an APS is easy. The driver drives the car into the entrance area, known as a lobby, entrance point or entrance box. Automatic signs and signals guide the driver as they park in the entrance lobby. As the car enters the lobby, the robotic system measures the car's size to determine the smallest parking space available for the car.

After turning off the engine, the driver and passengers lock the car, exit the entry lobby and get their ticket at the ticket machine nearby. Once sensors determine that everyone is out of the lobby, the robotic parking system automatically closes the outside lobby doors and opens inside doors leading into the APS. APS operate under different techniques and using different technologies, but all use mechanical systems to pick up the car from the lobby, transport it into the parking area and place it in a parking space automatically. The parked car remains in its parking space until the driver requests its return.

Un-Parking the Car

Retrieving the car from the robotic parking system is also easy. The driver enters his ticket outside the APS, pays for the parking and is directed to the exit lobby, where the car will be delivered. After the car is placed in the exit lobby by the robotic system, the lobby doors open, allowing the driver and passengers to enter the car. The outer lobby door is open and the driver simply drives out of the APS lobby.

In high-performance robotic parking systems like Skyline systems, the car retrieval process averages about 60 seconds - much faster than is usually takes to get a car out of a conventional car park or garage.

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