Innovative Car Parking Solutions

Car parking technologies for a more crowded world

New Car Parking Solutions

Automated Parking Systems (APS) aren't really a new concept, as mechanical parking systems have been around in various forms for nearly 100 years. APS, however, do provide parking solutions to meet the challenges of today. Scarce land, personal safety, vehicle security, environmental protection and sustainable design are just some of the parking design challenges we’re facing in this day and age.

Inherently Better Solutions

Their basic concept makes APS, like Skyline's, inherently better parking solutions compared to conventional parking solutions such as car parks, parking garages and parking lots. The Automated Parking System concept of is a simple one: remove drivers and driving from the parking process. This enables APS to use less land, materials and energy, whilst being safer, more secure and more sustainable. 

Being "inherently better" means a parking solution has permanent and inseparable attributes that are not "built-in" or "added on". It means eliminating or minimizing rather than controlling undesirable or hazardous attributes.

Inherently Safer Parking Solutions

Conventional car parking areas represent ideal targets for robbery, car and property theft, and worse. They often have multiple entrances and exits with dim, shadowy places to hide. Fences, access systems, cameras, sensors, increased lighting and security patrols are typical safety measures added to conventional parking areas. All of these measures tend be expensive, yet they can fail or be defeated. 

The inherently-safer parking solution offered by Automated Parking Systems is a simple one: eliminate all people from the car-parking area. Preventing drivers, passengers, pedestrians and criminals from accessing the parking area completely eliminates crime. The APS parking area is part of a mechanical system that moves swiftly, automatically and without warning –not a place for people!

Automated Parking Blog

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