Inherently Safer Car Parking

Automated Parking Systems eliminate the need to walk through dark, intimidating car parks and moreā€¦   

Parking Lot Safety 

For most people, parking garages are places that induce anxiety and fear according to various studies. And, why not? Parking garages and car parks often have poor lighting because lights and electricity are expensive. They are also full of shadowy hiding places, even when the lighting is good. Worst of all, however, is that typical parking garages and car parks have features that naturally attract criminal behavior:

  • Plenty of valuable items such as cars, car contents, cash and jewelry,
  • Multiple, uncontrolled access points for easy entry and escape,  
  • Many ways to move about and places hide without being seen,
  • Very few people in the area at any time, and  
  • Limited or no visibility from the outside.

Fundamentally Safe Car Parks

There are two ways to make parking garages and car parks safer. One is to remove the targets of criminal behavior and the other is to remove access to the targets of criminal behavior.  

Skyline Automated Parking Systems do use both methods to create inherently safer parking garages. 

An APS removes the targets of criminal behavior by eliminating drivers and passengers from the parking process. Unlike the typical parking garage and car park, people do not have to walk past dim and scary rows of parked cars with an APS. Drivers drop off and retrieve cars at well-lighted, street-level APS access points that provide no hiding places for criminals.

Additionally, an APS removes access to targets criminal behavior by preventing people from entering the parking area. Because of the fully automated parking process, the APS parking area is safeguarded to prevent human access during operation. No criminal would want to be inside an APS while the machinery is running.  

The attributes that make APS inherently safer compared to conventional parking garages and car parks also work to make APS inherently more secure for car parking.

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