Skyline Parking AZW Reference Video 

More parking in less space... anywhere


Auto Züri West is a fully automated parking system developed by Skyline Parking offering a completely new type of display space.

The Skyline T-Park, a modern Display Tower is not only environmentally friendly (small footprint and no CO2 emissions), it also reflects the image of a successful automobile supplier: convenient, trendy, fast, clean, aesthetically pleasing and trendsetting.  

For customers, the Skyline T-Park offers the ultimate shopping experience. Vehicles are quickly and efficiently presented in the showroom at the press of a button or delivered when bought. The vehicles are always clean thanks to the integrated, automated car wash.   

Key Facts:     

  • Parking & Storage Space for a Car Dealership    
  • More cars be displayed on the smallest available floor space    
  • Offering space for 128 cars    
  • Integrated automated car-wash built into APS

Find out more:

Besides saving space, APS offer many more advantages to owners, users and the environment.  

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